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You Got The Juice! [Solar Plexus Party]

Song: "Lucky You" - Eminem ft. Joyner Lucas (Song starts at: 0:31)

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Focus: “I WILL” – Acknowledging and reclaiming your personal power, standing firmly in YOUR Truth, Embracing your perceived weaknesses as the strengths they truly are


Duration of this Healing: Will be sent out 10/15/18 at 12:30 CST – healing and cleansing process will continue through 11/15/18, the date of the NEXT healing.

So, I decided to shuffle my playlist to get a vibe for this blog post, and the song that came up was “Lucky You” by Eminem ft. Joyner Lucas. A MOOD! “Y’all gotta move, y’all gotta move, give me the juice”. YES.

For those of you who have been counted out long enough, IT IS YOUR TIME. I know you’ve been getting signs here and there, seeing synchronizations and possibly even having realizations of your own pertaining to your mission here. The last Trump-et has sounded, my love. Are you ready to claim your throne? (Ready or Not, here LOVE comes.)

Today, I will be sending out a Reiki blast that will not only heal, but cleanse and activate your Solar Plexus. If you’ve been having any type of discomfort within your digestive system lately, it could be an over-active or under-active Solar Plexus – this healing will balance that out as well. I would recommend taking it easy with the heavy foods today to better integrate the energies that will be sent out, and feel free to move your body, as well! We are slowly moving into the Winter months, but this is where the fun begins! I am hearing “Be your OWN sunshine. Allow the light to pulse from your being, not only warming yourself and those around you, but leading The Way, as well.” Shine your light. How, you might ask? Look deeper…What is it that you’ve been running from? Putting off? Maybe it’s something that once gave you life…in a sense that, it correlated heavily with the time when your inner-light(child) shined the brightest. It is truly the core of your being. Yes, you may have many gifts, talents, or abilities, but THIS…is the powerhouse of your being. Without it, you wouldn’t have the “juice” to expand yourself beyond the mind. If you aren’t aware of what this is, feel free to join my Solar Plexus Reiki Blast TODAY, 10/15/18, at 12:30PM CST by following the instructions below:

1.) Follow www.Twitter.com/dlyryk

2.) RT my Pinned Tweet

3.) That’s it! If you unfollow or delete the RT, you will automatically not be included in the energy blast.

I do these FREE Reiki Blasts Monthly – on the 15th of every month – but if you’d like to receive a specific healing that I’ve already done, or have missed this one, I charge $25 for personal distance Reiki sessions. If you decide to book a specific Reiki session with me, please give me 2-3 Business Days prior to today, as I will need to take that time to rejuvenate from this mass healing. We have TWO more healings for this year – November 15th, 2018 and December 15th, 2018, and I guarantee you do NOT want to miss those.


P.S. - In the middle of the video, they realize that their demons do what they do. They follow THEIR lead - not the other way around. Do you get what I'm saying? YOU are in control of your reality here. Don't allow those worries, fears, doubts, or tarnished perceptions get or KEEP you down. Don't listen to anything or anyone telling you that you are anything less than perfect, capable, LOVE. LOVE HEALS. LOVE WINS. Each and every time, and guess what? You are the PURE embodiment of Love. YOU have the power. It has always been you. Why do you think you went through such a hard time? Why do you think everyone counted you out when all you wanted was to be accepted? To be Love? To be heard? You were always the one. Time to dust your shoulders off, remember who YOU are (it's all in your bloodline, by the way), and get suited and booted. It's game time. The world is ready and so are you. See you on the other side. <3

Xo, Shakti Ma'

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