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Your only purpose is to be yourself

I think your only purpose in life is to be yourself. This isn’t to say that being yourself doesn’t involve being a healer, baker or candlestick maker, but that your purpose can not be confined into or defined by a title. I think titles create limitations and that our perceptions of life and ourselves become our limitations. Yes you may be a healer, but that’s it? Nothing greater? Nothin more? Well you wouldn’t know by containing yourself into the healer category. The truth of the matter is that the universe and her beauty was here before you, would still exist without you ever being here, and will continue to be great once you’re gone. The evolution of life would continue as planned even if you never existed, this 3D planet would evolve and involve through the 9 underworlds (OlmecMayan levels of development). This isn’t to say that your existence doesn’t have an impact, but it does imply that your individual existence is an appreciation not a necessity. If Bobby Hemmit never existed his seat would have been filled with another being of another name. The energy of Bobby is eternal but Bobby himself is not, the only reason he took the seat of a master teacher is because he was himself. Not because he limited himself to his own perception of “master teacher”, especially since his personal perception of that title was likely different than what he became.

Soul contracts, twin flames and Karma are all resolved by you being your whole self, not by you being just a healer. What heals you may not have ever been suggested by a healer in China, so why limit yourself to that word. I also think those people who “have it easy” through life are people that remember themselves and are being their true selves . I think conflict arises as lessons to remind us of who we are and that being ourselves is all that needs to be done. If this is so then any label or limitation placed on us is an act of rebellion against ourselves and ultimately our life, thus creating conflict. Think about polarity, it creates conflict because it’s an act of the “One” being torn apart to make the “Two” where they can now see each other and realize that they are no longer “One”. Conflict arises through polarity because we’re now able to see how we are different just as Adam and Even did when they ate the apple. That was the great fall, polarity. When we place limitations on ourselves we isolate a portion of our true being and are no longer the “One”. Polarity is a necessary aspect of growth and evolution, I don’t think it should be frowned upon but it should be understood.

Moral of the story, just be yourself. The world and your soul will benefit from it. You’re way more than any human word could comprehend, so don’t just stop at healer, Baker or candlestick maker. Live limitless and allow your human to develop into the unlimited being that it truly is. After all it’s ur cosmic selves only job, all human jobs/titles are replaceable.


Mama Kali

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