This link will give you access to a distance reiki healing session, intended to align your morphogenetic field (also called the aura) to the harmonic and archetypal frequencies of 13 Chuen, the day in which the New Moon in Sagittarius will take place on the Tzolkin Calendar. This video will contain a full description of the 13 Chuen energy and what it seeks to heal, followed by an interactive guided reiki meditation. Although it will be a live session done at 7pm ET on Nov 24 2019, this recording serves as a total encapsulation of not only the energy conjured live, but also the energy that is generated through repeated uses of it. Each of my reiki healing sessions will serve as an ever flowing fountain of energy to use to accelerate your growth into the power of your most natural self. Feel free to come back to this reiki healing session as many times as you like.

13 Chuen Sagittarius New Moon Aura Alignment Reiki

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