Using the Tzolkin calendar, this webinar is intended to give a detailed forecast of the most prevalent archetypal energies that we will be downloaded into the holographic virtual reality game known as Earth for the Gregorian year of 2020. Through the analysis of these archetypes, each participant will be given tools to not only how to work with these energies, but to master them for maximum benefit. This webinar will be recorded live on Jan10th @ 6pm ET, after which it will be available for streaming at your own convenience.

This new installment of the Akashic Arcade series (created by Daddy Shiva) is called “Unleash the Dragon” for good reason. While it is an energetic forecast, this webinar will also serve as Lunar Eclipse ritual guidance to awaken and unleash the primordial sexual-creative fire (aka the dragon within) that has been suppressed throughout all of humanity for thousands of years. Mastering the inner dragon will give each participant a much more intimate connection with and disciplined used of their soul’s first power… The Kundalini Energy

Akashic Arcade 2020 Energetic Forecast + Ritual

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