A complete beginners guide to practical magick. The following includes:


  • Altar Magick 101- This is an in-depth study guide that will explain the basics of altar magic and the art of creating unique and powerful personal altars for whatever spiritual needs you may have.Discussed in this study guide are a wide range of topics, including:The History of Altars, How To Erect and Prepare an Altar,The Various Uses for Altar Magick, Sacred Symbols, Ritual Objects.
  • Candle Magick 101- A comprehensive guide to candle magick. Learn the following: What is candle magick/ how it functions, fundamentals of color frequency and the electromagnetic light spectrum, components of candle magick rituals, examples of candle rituals and more.......
  • Spell Casting 101- A comprehensive guide on the science and art of spell writing. Learn about:The Throat Chakra and Creative Expression, The Nommos and the Word, Word Weaving Examples and guides to spell writing, Color theory application.
  • Rare and Sacred out-of-print text- 8 rare and sacred out-of-print text to help advance your spiritual journey. Includes The Following And More: 1. Cyclomancy 2. The Seven Faces Of Darkness 3. A Witches Beverages And Brews 4. Practical Candle Magic

Practical Magick Starter Pack

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