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"Since childhood I’ve had this overwhelming urge, to better understand the world around me so I can “help”. Consumed by this urge I devoted my attention to music, history, and the way humans interact with one another. I spent years spreading myself thin to heal the people around me, sacrificing my life force to the external universe without any real direction. It wasn’t until that very action broke me wide open that my perception shifted. In order to heal the external, I needed to go within and focus on myself. Breaking down all that is not Self, and building up all that is. Through eating my own tail, consuming myself in divine clarity, I was reborn. It is my eternal desire to help others understand the depths of their soul. To be the mirror to that depth, through tarot, rituals, and healing the physical as well as the spiritual body through herbal potions. I invite you to walk with me on this journey, to collectively heal the world by first making ourselves whole."

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All readings are completed through email. All wall hangs are made upon REQUEST so please allow 2-3 weeks for production and shipping.

All sales are final

Tarot Readings

One Card Reading // $5.55

One card reading where the inquirer may ask any question they'd like. Alternatively, a card can be pulled to examine the energy currently surrounding you.

Three Card Reading // $13.13

Three card reading where the inquirer may ask up to three questions. Alternatively, a card can be pulled to examine the energy currently surrounding you.

Five Card Reading // $33.33

Five card reading where the inquirer may ask up to five questions. Alternatively, a card can be pulled to examine the energy currently surrounding you.

Whispers of Your Guides // $22.22

A three card reading providing assistance in clarifying obscure energies or messages currently surrounding you.

Self Love Through Shadow Work // $44.44

All relationships require understanding as well as nurturing. It is important to understand that all relationships are simply a reflection of our own souls. This reading serves as a mirror to the relationship you hold with yourself.

What Drives You? // $22.22

What is it that provides the fuel to your fire? Which direction is it pointing in? Where is your destination? This reading answers all of the above by gathering and assessing the energies surrounding you.

Samhain Reading // $22.22

Indicating “summers end”, where we embark on the darker half of the year. This reading consolidates the power you’re perceiving as horror as well as the power you’re attuned with. *Also sheds light on the Shadow.

“Tower” Reading // $33.33

In the traditional Rider Waite Tarot, The Tower is an indication of unforeseen events which shake the foundation of our current lives. There is a vast realization that your comfort relied on weak foundations or false thoughts. Pretty much, this card symbolizes the universe humbling the ever living shit out of you, with zero consideration to your comfort zones. This reading is ideal for those who are seeking answers to a specific event.

Welding Venom // $13.13

Yet another reading solely focused on the Shadow Self. Ideal for those who are currently struggling with themselves, or those incapable of seeing what they need to work on within.

Unleashing Inner Divinity // $44.44

Focuses solely on the key ingredients to access and empower your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Heart of the “Matter” // $22.22

Removing the veil cloaking your clarity, it’s probably not what you want to hear but if you expect to level up… listen up.

Home Goods

Handmade Evil Eye Wall Hang // $33.33 - $55.55 (depending on diameter)

3 - 5 pieces of painted wood slabs strung together to create a beautiful protection amulet for your home. Offered in a variety of colors to offer a multitude of healing energy.

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